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Hive Management and Professional Consultation

As University of Montana Certified Master Beekeepers with many years of experience raising Italian, Carnolinian, Russian, and Saskatraz honeybees, we are available to professionally manage beehives.  Whether you want bees on your property to help save the bees, or you want to learn how to keep your own hives, we can help.  However, due to very high demand and our desire to give unsurpassed, professional service we accept only a small number of clients.  If you are someone who is interested in the highest quality of service and consultation, please email us at for a site visit and service quote.

Swarm Removal

We are happy to remove swarms at no charge.  If you see a swarm of bees, please text us at (203)832-4949 or email  Generally, we can bee there very quickly after you notify us.  We do not do cut-outs or removal of established hives in buildings, but we can put you in touch with beekeepers who do. 

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