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What are the bees doing now?

Swarm Season

From April through July, bees will produce new queens and swarm as they try to propagate and increase their numbers.  When they do this, about half of the bees in the hive will fill their stomachs with honey, and go with the queen to establish a new colony.  The swarms will form a large clump of bees around the queen while scout bees go out to try and find a suitable location to build the hive.  If you are lucky enough to see one of these swarms, don't be afraid, and please don't disturb it.  The bees are very docile and will not bother you.  Call a local beekeeper to come and capture it or just wait.  They will all fly away within 24 hours once the scouts find a suitable home.


We do our best to keep our bees from swarming by preventing overcrowding.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to capture a swarm.  Free bees are the best bees!

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