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What are the bees doing now?

End of Spring, Early Summer

The spring nectar flow will come to and end in late June or Early July.  Now is the time to harvest the Spring Honey!  We carefully remove the frames that have the most capped honey.  We break the caps on the comb and spin the frames to extract the honey.  The honey is poured through a screen to remove wax and other large impurities.  Our honey is not filtered.  It is raw and unadulterated.


 We only harvest honey from hives that are at least one year old.   They are strong and have all of their foundation built out.  We don't feed the hives from which we harvest honey as we sell only pure, natural honey.   Our honey is made only from natural plant nectars.


However, it's very important that new hives are fed during this time.  Bees will be using some of their honey to survive until the fall nectar flow begins.  By feeding the bees in the first-year hives, the queen will continue to lay eggs and the workers will continue to produce wax and build comb.  Our goal is to have 20 frames of foundation built out in two brood boxes.   It takes 8 lbs of honey to produce 1 lb of wax.  These bees have some work to do.  Hopefully, these will be filled with honey by October and the bees will use the honey to survive the winter.

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Harvesting honey
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